“Content Creation Is The New Black”. 

This is the era of digitization and people are choosing to go for their passion rather than a full time job. And one of the ways they take to follow their passion is through content creation.

There was a time when Youtube was the only platform that supported video. But now Youtube has been facing serious competition in the form of other platforms. However Youtube is large enough to not be out of the race, and has still maintained its position. 

We at Gigsy also have a Youtube channel where we regularly post content. There are a host of other platforms as well, where artists can monetize their passion and we have listed them below.

Some of the alternatives available are as follows:

BridTV: BridTV is another adaptable option that helps you oversee, adapt and transfer video content in a convenient way. BridTV has remarkable highlights like in-constructed encoding, versatile bitrate streams that are adaptable and solid. Check out at https://www.brid.tv/. However the advanced features come with a cost. You can check out the pricing here.

Vimeo: Vimeo is one of the video web-based arrangement suppliers which underpins great recordings. Additionally, it permits you to see the videos with less interruption. It has a simple to-utilize interface where you can without much of a stretch peruse by classifications however not by channels. They have incorporated a portion of the TV shows too. Check out at https://vimeo.com/. Vimeo is good, however, it is not completely ad-free. You will still see ads that come in the way of your watching. And it doesn’t come free of cost. Even the most basic versions have a cost. Check it out.

Gigsy: Gigsy is a free platform for you to turn your passion into profit. It’s your personalized membership site with unlimited storage for content. 

They don’t charge you anything for storing any of your media be it audio, video, or images. Apart from having multiple formats of content, you can also add Youtube Link to your posts & profile as well. And, it’s super easy. Here’s how you can put out different content formats on Gigsy.

And added to that is the fact that you can also share it across all social media channels with your friends & followers. Here’s how

On Gigsy, you can make money by running subscriptions for yourself and get people to subscribe to your content or anything else that you’re doing. You can do workshops there, run events through it. You can also sell products. Here’s a list of the different product offerings that you can share with your audience.

So, if you are trying to convert your passion into profit, Gigsy is the best platform. 

Gigsy not only provides you with a platform to post your content but also teaches you tips and tricks of content creation, marketing your products and much more.  Gigsy organizes a weekly webinar called Gigsy Creator Central where our hosts answer queries of creators and teach to create and sell better content.

Join these webinars every Thursday at 7pm by clicking here

Though these are the best new monetization alternatives, there are few pros and cons to every platform. Depending upon the business scope and targeted audience, Gigsy is a 100% customizable platform blended with best technologies. 

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