To be a successful freelance writer, one should start with blogging. To start blogging you have two options:

  • Either start your own website and run that or 
  • Use a blogging platform.

The first one is an outdated one and mostly preferred by organizations whereas freelance writers prefer using a blogging platform for its easy UI, ready to use features & technical support. It’s a lot easier to get in front of millions of people and takes less than 15 minutes to set up.

Let’s take a look at some of the best blogging platforms out there for new writers:

Medium – Medium is a free blogging platform, drawing businesses and publishers to its ranks. It provides an easy-to-use content management system, password-free login and analytics. The paid tier is inexpensive and allows other members to monetize your most popular content.

You can also republish your blog posts from another site on Medium with their import tool. 

Ghost –  Ghost offers blogging on its own site or a downloadable version you can install to your own site. Ghost is just for content, enabling users to create publications and magazines securely on an open-source software. It has plugins, themes, custom domains and widgets. It has built-in SEO tools and no plug-ins  are required.

The self-hosted CMS is free, but hosting on Ghost’s network currently costs its users for the basic subscription. 

Gigsy–  Gigsy is a free platform for you to turn your passion into profit. It’s your personalized membership site with unlimited storage for content. 

They don’t charge you anything for storing any of your media be it text, audio, video, or images. Apart from having multiple formats of content, you can also add Youtube Link to your posts & profile as well. And, it’s super easy. Here’s how you can put out different content formats on Gigsy.

And added to that is the fact that you can also share it across all social media channels with your friends & followers. Here’s how

On Gigsy, you can make money by running subscriptions for yourself and get people to subscribe to your content or anything else that you’re doing. Here’s a list of the different product offerings from Gigsy that you can share with your subscribers.

So, if you are trying to convert your passion for writing into profit, Gigsy is the best platform. 

Gigsy not only provides you with a platform to post your content but also allows you to market your products and connect with your biggest fans.  

And if you are just starting out your passion business and feel a little lost, then you must attend Gigsy Webinars.

Gigsy organizes a weekly webinar called Gigsy Creator Central where our hosts answer multiple queries that creators may have & at the same time, help them create and sell better content.

Whether you want control over every aspect of your content or prefer to simply paste and click, there exists a blogging platform for you. Feel free to experiment, but depending upon the business scope and targeted audience, Gigsy is a 100% customizable platform powered by the best of  technologies. 

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