As Creators, we’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our content to see how we can add value to our subscribers. What kind of rewards should we be offering our fans for subscribing to our feed? Which rewards are more beneficial than others? How much should we be charging for these rewards?

As you know, Gigsy offers you a lot of flexibility when it comes to setting up and pricing your premium feeds. As a creator, you are the best judge of how valuable your content is to your subscribers. As a beginner you might start wondering ‘What can I offer to my fans?’ Here are some suggestions:

  1. Behind-the-scenes:

Fans are intrigued by your journey and your everyday inspiration. Share bloopers, exclusive behind-the-scenes shots, uncut material, progress videos, and challenges you might face in your creation process. Depending on how comfortable you are revealing your personal life with your fans, you could also share your daily regime, your workout routine, your movie/book recommendations, your playlist, your bucket list – anything that’s personal and insightful.

  1. One-on-one engagement:

Your most valuable asset is your time. Fans will be ready to spend if they are promised one-on-one sessions with you. It can be in the form of phone calls, video conferences, live-streaming, in-person meetings or direct chats. Given the current pandemic, we’d encourage you to use video conferencing tools like Google Meet or Zoom to your advantage. To deepen the creator-fan connect, you can follow them on social media, reply to their direct messages and allow them to make suggestions about what you should be posting next. This sort of personal engagement will make sure you remain unforgettable to your fans.

  1. Reviewing fan content:

You fans look up to you for your proficiency in your field. You are respected in the community for your opinions and insights. Why not leverage this knowledge to provide feedback to your fans on their creations? This could be anything from a script or an illustration to a website or a podcast. By reviewing a fan’s work, you are not only encouraging them but also lending a hand to improve or even possibly collaborate on a piece of work.

  1. Ask-Me-Anything:

This is a very popular type of reward for subject matter experts and other content creators. A Q-n-A session is an easy way to connect with fans and allow them to get to know you a little better. This could be done through live-streaming, video calls or group chats. Make sure you are open and honest to keep them coming back.

  1. Feedback and suggestions:

Allow your fans to be part of the creation process by making suggestions for your upcoming content. You can provide options and have them vote for what they want to see next. Run focus groups to gather more information or advice. Invite topic ideas for your next video or performance.  It could be an interesting challenge to tailor your content according to fan suggestions.

  1. Recognizing your Fans

Another great way of rewarding your fans is to recognize their efforts publically. It could be as simple as answering a random question at the end of your video or wishing them on their birthdays. You could even print out certificates of recognition or design custom emojis for them. Accepting fan requests or featuring fanart is a great way to connect with your most loyal fans. You can also give them VIP access to fan events or mail them physical merchandise. Consider adding a list of paying members to your website or on the end credits of your videos.  You can go one step further and record personalized messages for each fan, or send hand-written thank you notes. Simple gestures like this go a long way in ensuring that your fans stay loyal.

  1. Digital Rewards

There are a range of digital rewards which subscribers would love to have access to:  educational content, ad-free content, audio courses, additional videos, audio versions of videos, blue-prints, bonus videos/art, calendar planners, case studies, challenges, cheat sheets, cliff notes,  coupons/vouchers, wallpapers, workbooks,  digital downloads, e-books, e-mail courses, early ticket access, exclusive Facebook group, exclusive news, exclusive newsletters, repository of demo projects, guides, infographics, masterclasses, mind maps, PDF documents, premium podcasts, quizzes, resource list, shopping list, slideshows, templates, toolkits, tutorials, travel itinerary and guides.

  1. Physical Rewards

Similarly there’s a list of physical rewards for your subscribers: Autographs, cell phone cases, colouring pages, books, calendars, commissions, handwritten letters, music CDs, commissioned artwork, postcards, posters, stickers, mementoes like beach towels, hoodies, jewellery, lanyards, pillows, printed mugs, tote bags, etc.

This is an exhaustive list of rewards that can be offered. It’s up to you to bundle them and present them well in your premium feeds to make sure you have an increasing level of value that you’re offering your fans. Evaluate how much time and money you are willing to spend on this and what would be the best fit for your situation.

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