Talking Points

Coaching is an excellent way of contributing to society and enhancing the skills of aspiring individuals! However, setting up a coaching business in this highly competitive environment is not easy. In this GCC webinar, our host Arvindh sheds light on how you can start your coaching business seamlessly and establish yourself as a domain expert. Here are some of the topics that he has talked about:

1. Different types of coaching businesses

2. How to choose a profitable niche?

3. Finding the USP of your coaching business

4. How to set up your coaching classes online

5. Tools required to set-up your coaching business

6. How to get clients for your coaching business?

Quotable quotes

“It is about showing a demonstrable improvement between a base line and next level on your client” -Arvindh

“If you really want to be a coach and you really love doing the job and you’re good at it then you should go and build your network and build your relationships” -Ranga

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