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In this episode of GCC, our hosts Vikram and Arvindh talk about how to make professional videos at home.

Videos offer up to nine times greater organic reach across all social media channels as compared to simple text or images.

Videos have the tendency to go viral, and can also evoke strong emotions in your potential audience. So much so, that they will surely click the “Share” button after watching your video!

Now we know that videos are important, but the cost of making good videos is usually on the higher end. But don’t you fret! Gigsy’s webinar aims to solve this problem. You can create professional-looking videos at home without any external help! In the webinar you will learn the following:-

  1. Equipment needed to record at home
  2. Selecting video topics to work on
  3. The ideal spots and light conditions at home to shoot
  4. The best backgrounds to select
  5. Working on your camera presence
  6. The best angles to shoot with
  7. Free video editing tools

Quotable Quotes

“In my journey I’ve picked up many tips and tricks from many different aspects when it comes to content production” -Arvindh

“As long as you have a cell phone you can go ahead and make more than enough content” -Arvindh

“It’s good to engage on social media first and then move them for premium content to Gigsy” -Vikram

That’s all we have for you in this episode of Gigsy’s Creator Central.

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