Talking Points

In this episode of GCC, our hosts Vikram and Arvindh talk about creating professional designs in minutes.

While content is critical for any product and service, visuals are equally important! Good quality and professional looking designs speak volumes about your business. But most of the time, it becomes difficult and expensive for new entrepreneurs & creators to hire good designers. And we at Gigsy want to solve this very problem.

In this webinar, our experts will help you create stunning designs for your websites, social media handles, print material and much more with Canva! You can create the following in minutes:

  • Business cards
  • Your logo
  • A brand kit
  • Graphics for Social Media (feed posts, ads, stories, group, and page covers),
  • Posters

Do watch it and create stellar designs for your products and services!

Quotable Quotes

“When we are starting as creators we might not have big budgets ” -Arvindh

“Canva is a pretty brilliant tool” -Vikram

“Gigsy can be different from similar platforms.” -Ranga

That’s all we have for you in this episode of Gigsy’s Creator Central.

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