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In this episode of GCC, our hosts Vikram and Arvindh talk about building a strong community around your passion business. A tight-knit community of your followers will help you sustain your business in the long run. These people are not just consumers of your content, but also are active participants in your creative journey and critics of your work.

Gigsy understands the difference between a thriving community of engaged members versus people who just like your content. A community helps your fans become a part of your creative process. Through a community they can help you take better decisions, give you ideas and support your creativity like no other!

In this webinar, Gigsy experts have covered the following:

  1. Different types of communities (Online & Offline)
  2. Steps for building a community
  3. Platforms for building a community
  4. How to target the right people for building a community?
  5. Tools & Strategies to engage your members

Quotable Quotes

“Make sure exactly what you’re offering. Are you offering entertainment, education or infotainment” -Arvindh

“When I do coaching on one on one basis today it’s mostly about it being very information and education centric. There is no component of entertainment involved because the topic itself is pretty serious.” -Vikram

“There are going to be aspects when you can bring in some humor element.” -Vikram

“The kind of people you’re attracting is going to be determined by the kind of content you put out.” -Arvindh

That’s all we have for you in this episode of Gigsy’s Creator Central.

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