The society that we live in, especially in India is built around certain ground rules. It follows a known formula – complete education, find a high-paying job & get married. End of story. But that’s not how it should be. Because that doesn’t necessarily lead to a contented life. By following these rules, we feel like we are doing what’s supposed to be right, but not what we truly want and which can also be right!

What this really leads to is us not being able to give time to what we like, and what we truly are passionate about.

Here’s a video by our founder Vikram Parthan, that briefly addresses just this. Do have a look.

In the meanwhile, we will list down a few factors that society, the people around us have made us believe in. And honestly, these shackles need to be broken for good.

Society’s Notion: Long-term Stability

Society says that real money comes from real jobs. A 9 to 5 job gives you security and financial aid. While passion might give bouts of happiness, but along with that it also gives you finances in chunks. So it’s best to have passions on the side and as hobbies.

What’s right?

Passions are not mere hobbies, but can also be full-fledged professions. This can happen very easily if you start building a financial fund, actively pursue what you like and not give up easily. Gigsy is one such platform where Creators can monetize their passion, build a community and also grow with their peers.

Society’s Notion: Passions are short-lived

Passions are only good for short-term happiness, and they aren’t sustainable. They don’t help you stay contended because money won’t be stable and will come in spurts. Real happiness comes with materialistic aspects.

What’s right?

Sticking to mundane jobs and being in the rat race to feel stable can never give long-term happiness. True happiness comes from doing what you love doing. When you work towards your passions, you, in fact, work for a longer-term. You don’t treat your passion as work, you enjoy doing it and that’s why you will stick to it!

Society’s Notion: Stable jobs also give a great network of colleagues

When you work at regular places, you tend to find people who can help you out later in life. You can form networks and the people there can help you grow.

What’s right?

While you can form a network in an office environment, you can do that easily too around your passion business. Not only will you find peers who love doing the same thing as you, but you will also find fans in people. The fans who truly appreciate your work, are invested in your journey and maybe want to also become like you.

Our creator Ranga has a wide base of followers who ardently support his work and actively talk about it.


While you may find a regular job appealing, stable and financially viable, you should definitely do it. But despite all of these factors, if you are still not able to enjoy it, and every day seems like a drag to you, then there’s a gap that you need to fill. You might want to re-evaluate and look back at things that you might actually want to do. And once you do that, you will definitely live a more fulfilling life.

We at Gigsy strive to build a platform for Creators of all kinds, where they can turn their passion to profit, grow along with a thriving community of peers, and connect with their fans deeply.

If you want to reconnect with your passion, then now’s the time. Become a Creator for free on Gigsy!