Covid-19 has changed the education system forever. Shutting down of all the educational institutions has shifted the trend to online courses.

A rise in pursuing online certificate courses has also been seen. Industry professionals are opting for additional certificate courses. Experts & leaders are looking at ways to share their knowledge with aspiring individuals.

And this is why a platform like Gigsy is very useful for them – They can easily share knowledge through online courses in the comfort of their homes. The process for launching a video course on Gigsy is seamless.

Teachers, mentors, life coaches, subject matter experts and many more can register for free and start an online course instantly on Gigsy.

You can check out Ranga, a Creator on our platform who’s also a life coach.

They don’t charge you anything for storing any of your media be it audio, video, or images. Apart from having multiple formats of content, you can also add Youtube Link to your posts & profile as well. And, it’s super easy.

Gigsy offers various products, one such product is ‘Video Course’. 

You can add as many sections and subsections you want and can choose the price by yourself. 

The flexibility Gigsy offers is incomparable – it allows you to add Youtube Videos, Gigsy Exclusive Videos, Vimeo Videos, Texts, Audios, Images and PDFs in your course.

The steps are pretty easy to create a course, all you have to do is sign-up to Gigsy today as a creator and create the course. 

Those who want to pursue your course need to subscribe to you and pay the required fees.

And added to that is the fact that you can also share it across all social media channels with your friends & followers. Here’s how.

Check out this GCC Episode now to learn more about video courses.

Other than Video Course here’s a list of the other different product offerings that you can produce. Join Gigsy today!

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