People usually spend less time on their passions as compared to their regular jobs. That’s because most of us view passion & profession as different categories. We believe that it is our stable job that helps us run our households, while our passion is merely a hobby that we could pursue in our free time. We seldom combine the two.

And there are many reasons for this. Some of them are:

  1. I don’t have enough savings to start my passion business
  2. Apprehensions about whether I will be able to make enough through your passion
  3. What will society say?
  4. I am too old to learn & follow my ambitions
  5. I don’t have the time to balance it with my job and I can’t quit my job.

While a lot of these problems may be legit, they aren’t impossible to solve. There’s a bigger problem that needs to be addressed and that’s not even identified by us. It’s to do with our procrastination, fear of taking risks and exploring new avenues. Most of the time, almost always, we don’t even try following our passions before declaring our inability to succeed.

How would you or anyone know about the success rate of any passion business if you don’t even try? Your fears hold you back from even taking the first step. Now, let’s talk about the solutions for problems that we listed above.

Financial Backing

While we are rooting for passion over a “9 to 5” job, we aren’t asking you to be reckless in decision making. If you want to switch to a full-time passion business from your regular job, then you need to have financial backings. And that happens over time, you should be saving up for your passion business. You could also take the middle-route such as taking up a freelancing gig while you start building up your passion business. 

Saving isn’t as difficult if you do it regularly and in small chunks. Some banks such as ICICI offer iwish – a way to get your desired sum debited every month from your account. This way you will slowly build up your savings in a sustainable way and will not be in a financial mess once you start your passion business. 

Earning through your passion

We have enough examples of people who have been successful in earning by following their passion. And ofcourse, money doesn’t drop from the skies in their accounts.

A combination of passion and perseverance—i.e., the extent to which creators stick with their goals even in the face of adversity—helps them reach their goals faster. Creators & Artists on Gigsy try out different ways of engaging with their audience and narrow down the ways that help them get both revenue & engagement.

Here’s an example of one of our creators, who’s got a great following and people love his content. Ranga is a life coach who helps people with career decisions & life choices by mentoring them through a series of videos.

You can also check out a video by him where he sheds light on how to become better versions of ourselves!

Societal Norms

Focus on what you care about, not on what is acceptable to others around you. They don’t have to live your life.  Why should we not live our passions because of our external fears? Our passions make us and define us. Not the people who surround us. There will always be age-old conventions that will push you down and act as barriers to your goal. But that’s where you should not give up & move towards doing what you really want to. An example of someone who believed in her dreams and succeeded in beating all the odds that came her way is Alicia Souza, an Illustrator. Check out her journey here.

Age No Bar

Who said following your passion had anything to do with age. You can do what you like at any stage of your life. And doing what you like at a later stage has its own advantages. You get more experience over the years, you are wiser and financially more independent. One such example on our platform Gigsy is Ravi. He discovered his passion at 55 and now is content doing what he loves doing the most. He left his cushy job of over 25 years to live a life that he fully wanted.

The balance between job & passion

A lot of us plainly deny following our passion simply because we don’t find the time to pursue what we like. Our full-time jobs keep us preoccupied and we can’t think of anything but our routine jobs. Honestly, if you try, then anything is possible. Taking an hour or half-an-hour for things that we like isn’t a lot to ask for. Someone who balances his career and passion really well is Jagdish Chaturvedi, who’s a stand-up comic and also a surgeon. Check his profile out here.


Real happiness in our life lies in doing what we love doing the most and at the same time attaining a certain level of financial stability. And it is very much doable!

In this video,  our CEO Vikram talks about how a perfect balance between passion & business leads to a much better quality of life!