As a Creator on Gigsy, you must know that the world of marketing keeps evolving and at times it becomes very difficult to stay up to date! If you have a product or a service, then you must talk about it and at the same time not act too salesy. The key is to build a connection with your users and turn them into loyal fans. One of the ways to connect with your audience on a deeper level is to do live video streaming with them.

Live Video Streaming is an extremely beneficial medium that provides transparency. Your audience can see what your product actually looks like, rather than generic photoshopped pictures. 

Plus you can also measure the results of Livestream. There could be some key indicators of success such as 

  1. Number of people who joined the live stream
  2. No. of people who reacted/interacted with host/live stream.
  3. No. of people who made a subscription transaction on your profile.
  4. The time spent for successfully completing the transaction

Let’s talk about the 5 reasons to live stream with your audience!

1.They add a human element to marketing

Live streaming adds a human element to marketing, makes it less salesly and garners trust from the audience. This not so formal and polished approach makes people believe more because it is real and raw. Unlike television news where the news anchors are well-rehearsed and are almost perfect, on live stream presenters could make mistakes, they could stutter or laugh! And this is where viewers see the authenticity and identify with them much more! 

2.Helps Sell Your Product Faster!

Not only is the potential reach of live streaming higher, but it also is becoming increasingly popular amongst users of all age groups. And while traditional content marketing and search engine optimization are great, they take a lot of time to generate traffic. By creating promotional content, flash sales, and providing incentives through live stream, you can make major profits much sooner. Another tip to sell your product faster through this form of content is to offer live stream for free.

3.Live Streaming can help a brand establish authority

Your brand could do Live Q&A (Questions & Answers) session about topics related to your business or interests. It’s a great way to engage with your audience and establish yourself as an expert.

You could use live webinars or trainings. Webinars can be useful to educate your audience and deliver a lot of value. 

To know how to market your live stream video and avoid live stream fails, check out this video here.

4.Live Streaming can be used by everyone

Live Streaming can be used by bloggers, vloggers, techies, musicians and the list is endless. On a platform like Gigsy – which is a platform for creators, one could make good use of live streams. If you are a blogger, vlogger or a social influencer, then you could do a live version of your show or a Q&A with your fans.  You could also do product reviews and chat with your viewers about the topics and rewards that you share!

If you are an entrepreneur on Gigsy with new products, then live streams are the perfect way to talk about product launches and features! Through this interactive form of marketing, you can reach out to your community of customers who have purchased from you before!

If you are a local NGO, then you could create a live video to raise funds for a cause or charity. Social media platforms allow viewers to send you money, so you can get them to join your cause and send money towards it.

5.Live Streaming can make you connect better with your audience

Through a live stream, you could show a part of your personal life. If you go out for a jog in a nice park or walk your dog at sunset, share it with your audience. By telling a personal story that motivated you, or inspired you, chances are that many people will identify with your story and become very connected in this entire process.

Platforms used for Live Streaming

Some of the popular platforms for live streaming are Facebook Live Stream, Twitter, and YouTube, among others. Brands like Marketo and Buffer have used live streaming on Twitter every now and then to generate results. You could check them out right here.

But the clear winner is Facebook when it comes to live streaming. The reason for this is – majority of marketers use Facebook Live Stream for content promotion. 

You can check how Hubspot has used Facebook Live Streaming to their advantage. 

We at Gigsy also have done a couple of live streams, and you can watch one of them right here!

How do you go about Live Streaming on Facebook

It’s not rocket science. You can do it straight from your phone or your computer. If you want to go live from your company’s page on Facebook, then you can go to “Facebook Live Map”. This will also show you all the people around the world who are going live.

If want to run a live video from your computer, you can simply click “Go Live” in the right-hand corner.

You could either create a live webinar group to show to a specific group of people or you could show the live video in a specific event. You can connect an external camera and microphone as well, and have your choice of video! The options are diverse and are extremely easy to do on mobile.


Live Streaming is all about the real-time connection that gets formed between the brands and the audience. Through this, you can reach a bigger audience, grow faster and connect better with your audience. Once you gain their faith and they feel like they know you, you will have loyal customers for life.